Transfer Movies to iPad

Do you want to watch your favourite movies on your iPad?

Stick around for the next 5 minutes and I will show you how to easily transfer any of your DVDs, TV shows, Podcasts and Video Clips to your iPad. By the end of the guide you can start watching DVDs on your iPad, today!

I have personally spent several weeks fiddling with iTunes and browsing the internet for iPad Convert Software. After trialling several products and comparing the speed, quality and cost, I can make the following recommendations:

Best Option

Product: Cucusoft iPad Video Converter + DVD to iPad Converter Suite (All-in-one Package)

Summary: Contains All Required Features, Fast conversion, One-Click Transfer option for Newbies

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This suite includes two software packages, theCucusoft iPad Video Converter and the “Cucusoft DVD to iPad Converter”. With this single package you can convert both DVDs and video files for the iPad.

I was quite impressed by the actual conversion speed and quality (Note: you can adjust the quality settings to increase of decrease converted file size).

This is how quick and easy it is to use the software:

With 1 click mode:

1)      Load DVD into PC or Upload any Video file

2)      Click “Open DVD” to start conversion

3)      Drag and drop converted file into iTunes.

Screenshot DVD2iPad 4001 Transfer Movies to iPad

The great thing about this software is the handy extras:

  • Converts to the latest iPhone, 4th generation iPod nano, nano chromatic, 2nd generation iPad touch, and Apple TV (No need to spend money for separate iPhone & iPod movie converters)
  • Supports Dolby, DTS Surround audio track.
  • Converts DVD to MP3 Audio

Screenshot iPad Video Converter Suite1 Transfer Movies to iPad

And of course, being a Cucusoft product, you can trust the software quality and after sales support. If you wish to find our more/purchase this product, Click Here.

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Cheap Option

Product: Xilisoft DVD to iPad Converter Suite

Summary: Cheap, However missing video file conversion capability (only converts DVDs), missing extra iPhone & iPod DVD convert features.

x dvd to ipad converter6 Transfer Movies to iPad

With the Xilisoft DVD to iPad Converter Suite, you can convert DVD files for the iPad. Overall it has good conversion speed and quality, however there are noticeable flaws.

When using the software, you will find the interface is slightly complex, especially if you are new to conversion softwares. You have to jump through a couple more hoops to get the DVD converted. Also, it doesn’t have the extra capability to convert movies to the iPhone and iPad. It does have a slightly cheaper price tag, however I feel the lack of functionality overweighs the price advantage. If you are still interested in purchasing the product, click here.

UPDATE: Please Note: With the introduction of the Cucusoft 35% OFF Promo Code, the Xilisoft Converter is now the more Expensive option!


Free Option

Product: DVD Decrypter + iPad Video Converter (Free)

Summary: Free, However extremely time consuming and complicated.Users of software have complained about poor/lagging audio & video synchronisation (2-3 seconds off).

The free solution requires 2 conversions (DVD to VOB, and VOB to iPad). First of all, you have to rip the DVD into one big file with free DVD rippers such as DVD Decrypter, then convert the ripped file to iPad playable files. There is no doubt that this will waste more time than the straight DVD to iPad conversion mode. Furthermore, the free iPad movie conversion software does not do batch encoding (Multiple Files at once).

Part 1: Decrypt DVD to your hard drive
1. Download DVD Decrypter for free, install it to your computer and run it.
2. Insert the DVD you’d like to watch on your iPad into the DVD drive.
3. Go to ‘Mode’ menu and select ‘IFO’ mode.
4. Select ‘Tools -> Settings’ menu, go to the ‘IFO’ tab, and set ‘File Splitting’ to ‘None’ under ‘Options’. This will help you convert the whole DVD to one big video file.
5. Come back to main interface, go to ‘Stream Processing’ tab, and check ‘Enable Stream Processing’. Here will list all available streams including ‘video’, ‘audio’ and ‘subtitle’. If you don’t want the output file to include a certain stream just uncheck it. That’s to say, if I’ve unchecked the stream 0×81 (the second audio stream) the ripped VOB file would only contain the ‘English AC3′ language. Since the converted video can only have one type of audio and subtitle (or no subtitle), please check the first video stream ’0xE0 – Video’, then set the language and subtitle to what you like.
Optional: Set the destination of the ripped video file which will be rather large in size.
6. Hit ‘Decrypt’ button to start ripping DVDs to hard disk.

Part 2: Convert ripped video to iPad
7. Download and Launch Free iPad Video Converter, press ‘Convert’ button, and click ‘Video File’ link.
8. The iPod Converter Freeware has two ways of converting videos, Normal Mode and Power Mode. The former can only be used online, while the latter can be used both online and offline. Let’s take Power Mode for example.
9. Hit the ‘Select File’ button to load the video file that you’d like to watch on your iPad.
10. Set the ‘Device’, ‘Profile’ to a format that play on iPad. Here, you can also customize ‘Output Directory’, ‘Title’. To start the iPad media conversion, just hit ‘Start converting’ button.
11. The result video will be added to iTunes automatically after the conversion process is completed. Finally, sync your iPad with iTunes so that you can enjoy video on iPad.
The video converter for iPad does not support batch conversion. If you want to convert multiple movies, you have to do this one by one.

The Free Option is a drawn out and complicated process. Furthermore, the audio and video synchrosization is so poor, it becomes quite irritating. Personally, I recommend making the one-off investment with Cucusoft due to the added features and benefits, and if you have been e-mailed the 35% OFF promo code, it is now extremely cheap as well.